Effortless Campaign Management For Digital Marketers.

It lets you easily track campaigns, task progress, history, revisions, collaborate with your team, share with clients and so on – all in one place.

Start in Just 3 Steps

You can easily complete your onboarding setup in just 3 simple steps, allowing you to effectively manage your campaigns and tasks.

Add Your Team & Assign

Adding each team member with their designated roles is essential to optimizing your team’s productivity.

Add Campaign With

Add campaigns by adding all details that client has shared & adding deadline with priority of that campaign.

Add Tasks & Assign To

Add campaign’s tasks to particular associates as per their work roles. And start tracking their progress.

Track Your Campaigns with Ease

Track the progress of your marketing campaigns with ease using CampaignSwift. Stay informed about campaign performance, task completion, and team collaboration, and manage your campaigns effortlessly.

Get the progress status

Know Managers Assigned

Know Deadline & Priority

More Detailed Overview
of Your Campaign.

This overview section will help you get more detailed information about your campaign & its tasks. It is an easy way to keep updated with complete campaign’s progress.

Measure Campaign’s Work Hours.

Get a record of the total number of hours spent on the campaign by the all team members.

Get Task Status & Work Hours of Each Member

It is helpful to get the insights of each team member’s work hours and task status.

Organize Tasks by Creating Task Groups.

Simplify your task management by grouping related tasks together. Create task groups based on their work types and assign them to a particular manager. Manager can create and assign tasks under that group.

Assign to manager as per their expertise.

Easy to monitor particular tasks progress

Get Important tasks done quickly.

Comprehensive Task

Check out the Comprehensive Task Overview for detailed insights and management tools. You can track time spent, manage attachments, and collaborate with your team through comments. With seamless access to task details and tracking features, streamline your workflow and ensure timely task completion

Task Time Tracking With History

It keeps a record of when team members start and end their tasks in the time log table, which creates a complete log of all task time tracking history.

Task Submissions & Revisions

When a team member finishes a task, they can send it for review to an admin/manager. They will then either approve it or request changes.

Share Your Campaign With

You can share your campaign directly with anyone by unique URL generated and PIN. Only people with the pin can see your campaign data and tasks.


Click on Share

Get Unique URL & PIN


Use Unique URL & PIN to Login


Do you have questions? Here are the answers to help you.

CampaignSwift helps digital marketing agencies manage campaigns and tasks better. It is an all-in-one platform with tools for team management, task assignment, tracking progress, and interacting with clients. With CampaignSwift, agencies can work together more efficiently, get more done, and ensure campaigns are executed seamlessly.

CampaignSwift allows you to efficiently manage all types of digital marketing campaigns including SEO, social media marketing, email marketing, paid advertising, influencer marketing, and more – all in one centralized platform.

Yes, CampaignSwift has a built-in share campaign workflow. You can share campaign details, get feedback, and secure approvals from clients for all tasks.

CampaignSwift provides inbuilt discussion feature where your all team of particular campaign can communicate easily. Even you can share common message for everyone.

CampaignSwift provides detailed dashboard. so you can track key metrics across all your digital marketing campaigns. Easily visualize data to analyze performance

No, We don’t charge per user basis, we have fixed pricing plans where we allow fixed number of users you can add.

You can easily sign up for a free trial without adding credit card to explore CampaignSwift’s features.